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The Timber Truss Bridge Book Sydney, Roads and Maritime Services (editor, with Amie Nicholas – forthcoming)

Albert Hall Conservation Management Plan 2014 – historian for Philip Lesson Associates

‘Planting a vision: Canberra’s Yarralumla Nursery records’ Australian Garden History, Vol. 24 (4) April 2013

City of Trees audiowork Jyll Bradley 2013

‘The Planting of Canberra’ Canberra Historical Journal No.30, March 2013, pp.14-24

Nursery Tales for a Garden City Report for the Australian Society for Garden History, 2011

Hotel Canberra Conservation Management Plan – historian for Eric Martin Associates

History of Lanyon for Duncan Marshall et al Lanyon Conservation Management Plan 2010  ACT Cultural Facilities Corporation

Democratic Arts’, National Library of Australia News 17, 7, April 2007

Canberra’s Albert Hall‘, Heritage in Trust (National Trust Australia)Winter 2007

History of Quarantine Station North Head Sydney for Conservation Management Plan, Peter Freeman Architects for Australian Institute of Police Management, 2006

‘Snow, suffrage and strawberry shortcake’, March 2006

History of The Lodge Canberra for Conservation Management Plan  Peter Freeman Architects

‘A heritage of waste’, Transactions of the Institution of Engineers, Australia GE16, 1, 1992, pp.1-7 (with Michael Clarke)

‘Work of a courageous character’, Transactions of the Institution of Engineers Australia GE16, 1, 1992, pp.9-16 (with P. Heinrichs)

A research guide to the history of public works in New South Wales  Sydney, Public Works Department NSW, 1991

‘The landscape of public works’ in Lenore Coltheart (ed.) Significant sites: history and public works in New South Wales Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1989, pp. 160-83

Landmarks in public works (ed. with Don Fraser) Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1987



WEL Darwin 1974

‘Australia’s national day: Constitution Day 9 July’ in Memento: News from the National Archives 35, August 2008

‘Jessie Street and the pursuit of equal pay’, in Greg Patmore et al The Past is Before Us: 9th National Labour History Conference University of Sydney, 2005, pp. 253-60

Australia’s Prime Ministers website for National Archives of Australia 2003

‘On documenting a democracy’, Legislative Studies July 2001

Charters of our Nation 2000

Documenting a Democracy Centenary of Federation website for National Archives of Australia 2000

Real estate and native title’Current Affairs Bulletin 73, December 1996

‘Whitlam and women’ in Jocelynne Scutt (ed.) Living generously  Melbourne, Artemis Press, 1996

Opinions public and private‘, Current Affairs Bulletin  72, 5, February/March 1996, pp.42-46

‘The Arcadian Myth” in Dean Jaensch and Peter Loveday (eds) Under One Flag: the 1980 Northern Territory election Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1981 [Review by Campbell Macknight Labour History 45, 1983, pp.140-41]

Editorial Ainsleaves Ainslie Primary School, August 1951 (with Sebastian Clark)



Max, Lenore & Veronika Coltheart at the launch of Jessie Street, Sydney Town Hall 9 March 2004

Max, Lenore & Veronika Coltheart at the launch of Jessie Street: a revised autobiography, Sydney Town Hall 9 March 2004

‘Canberra kids’ Canberra Historical Journal 69, September 2012, pp.37-44

Seven women of the 1967 Referendum‘, feature for Reconciliation Australia 40th anniversary website, 2007

‘The legacy of Jessie Street’, National Library of Australia News 15, 11, August 2005

‘Remembering Jessie Street’, The Sydney Papers 16, 3, 2004, pp.1-12

Jessie Street: a revised autobiography Sydney, Federation Press, 2004 (editor)

Among all great Australian women, Jessie Street has got to be very close to the top of the pile. What a remarkable life … This is a new edition of her autobiography, carefully revised for inaccuracies and repetitions by Lenore Coltheart, who has added illuminating letters and photographs. The result is an engrossing first-person account of a truly remarkable life. Bruce Elder Sydney Morning Herald 1 May 2004

Jessie Street and the new political biography‘ in John Nethercote, John Wanna and Tracey Arklay (eds) Australian Political Lives Canberra, Australian National University, 2006, pp.77-80

Cyrus Tye in Australian Dictionary of Biography  Volume 12, 1990

Dorothy Beveridge in Australian Dictionary of Biography  Volume 13, 1993 (co-authored)

Phoebe Farrar in Australian Dictionary of Biography  Volume 14, 1996

Annabelle Rankin in Australian Dictionary of Biography  Volume 18, 2012




‘Edith Campbell Berry’ Island March 2013

‘Jessie Street in the Soviet Union’ in Sheila Fitzpatrick & Caroline Rasmussen (eds) Political Tourists Melbourne University Press, 2008

‘Citizens of the world: Jessie Street and international feminism’, Hecate 31, 1, 2005, pp.182-94

‘Being Civil and Social: The proper study of womankind’ in Moira Gatens and Alison Mackinnon (eds) Gender and Institutions: Welfare, Work and Citizenship Cambridge University Press, 1998, pp.

‘Laughing at boundaries: the idea of Edith Campbell Berry’ Working Papers in Australian Studies No.99  Institute of Commonwealth Studies University of London, 1995



The entry of Queen Elizabeth I in Canberra Choral Society's musical history of the Albert Hall Canberra in 2013. Photographer Peter Hislop

The entry of Queen Elizabeth I in Canberra Choral Society’s musical history of the Albert Hall Canberra in 2013. Photographer Peter Hislop

Albert Hall: the heart of Canberra Sydney, New South Publishing, 2014 [Launch]

‘Horticultural highlights of Canberra history’ Bulletin of the Horticultural Society Canberra November 2013

‘Of the people – Canberra’s Albert Hall 1960s-1980s’, Canberra Historical Journal No.64, May 2010, pp.13-23

 ‘More grand days at the Albert Hall 1940s-1960s’, Canberra Historical Journal  No.62, October 2009, pp.2-15

‘Grand days at the Albert Hall’ Canberra Historical Journal No.60, August 2008, pp.2-9

‘Canberra’s Albert Hall’ Heritage in Trust Winter 2007

The Olympics Coordination Authority NSW‘, report for OCA NSW, 2002

Between wind and water: a history of the ports and coastal waterways of New South Wales Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1997

‘Kurrindju: changing the cause of history’ Australian Studies (UK) 12, 1, 1997, pp.36-53

‘Making the Magic: a report for the Olympics Coordination Authority NSW’, October 2001





‘The Elephant’s Bed? Scottish Enlightenment ideas and the foundations of New South Wales’ Journal of Australian Studies 68, 2001, pp.19-33 (with Peter Bridges)

‘Carrick Hill: our Arcadian heritage’ in Wilfrid Prest (ed.) British Studies: perspectives and practices Australian Scholarly Publishing, 1999 (with Patrick Allington)

 ‘Being Civil and Social’ in Moira Gatens and Alison Mackinnon (eds) Designing Women Cambridge University Press, 1998

‘Kant’s journey to Versailles’, Pacifica Review 8, 1, May 1996, pp.27-42

Foreword to Peter Bridges Foundations of identity Sydney, Hale & Iremonger, 1995

‘The virago and Machiavelli’ in Suzanne Dixon and Barbara Garlick (eds) Images of  Women in Power New York, Greenwood, 1992

‘The moment of Aboriginal history’ in Jeremy Beckett (ed.) Past and Present: the  construction of Aboriginality  Aboriginal Studies Press, 1988, pp.179-90

‘Authority, property and Aboriginal Australia’, Politics 18, 2, 1983, pp.43-48

‘Desire and Consent’ in Carole Pateman & Elizabeth Gross (eds) Feminist Challenges Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1986, pp.112-12




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