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Heritage matters

Heritage matters

Back at the wonderful National Archives of Australia on 15 April last for a small National Trust event to talk about how I came to write Albert Hall: the heart of Canberra – the story of Canberra as seen at the city’s beloved but unofficial town hall. (more…)

Happy talk

What a brilliant exhibition the ACT’s Commission for Children and Young People presented in Canberra in April 2015.

As a pop-up I guess Right Here Right Now wasn’t around for long.

It deserves to though – 11 500 kids talking to us in pictures is a dose of instant happiness, not to mention the listening, and learning, that follow.   (more…)

My neighbourhood

Wandering in my neighbourhood, I realised it had been forming this shape for exactly 100 years – now I am wondering how much of the shape is by design, by decree, by us?